Property Management Services

Full Service property management, specializing in quality homes and condos.

Most property management companies offer tenant placement, rent collection and disbursement, and maintenance and repairs. HomeStar Property Management offers and delivers more.

  • Quick response to tenant calls
  • Excellent tenants and minimal turnover
  • Quality, cost effective maintenance and repairs
  • Good return and care for your investment

As an owner we provide you the personal attention you deserve. We appreciate the substantial investment you have made in your valuable property and its importance to you. As owners of rental properties ourselves we understand and treat each home as if it were our own investment.

We understand that you want good people living in your property. It is our goal to find solid, quality prospective tenants and carefully screen them. We run Criminal background checks and Credit reports on potential renters.

Once a good match is found we want your tenants to enjoy the home and want to stay. We pride ourselves on top notch service and tenant satisfaction by providing prompt, friendly service and forming good tenant/management relationships.

Details, Details! We take extra care to execute and administer all necessary paperwork and contracts, and to disburse proceeds exactly as directed.

As an owner you want top quality maintenance and repairs to protect the value of your investment. We contract for only what is needed at very competitive prices for excellent work. However, for minor repairs we take care of them (only items below an agreed upon dollar amount) without bothering you. Our Client’s say that having us not call them every time things like g the garbage disposal clog or front door lock stick is such a great service and gives them peace of mind and freedom from concern over the small details.

HomeStar Brokers Property Managment

  • Professional, courteous property management
  • Specializing in executive homes, quality residential properties and condos

Expect these services and more:

  • Inspect, inventory and take photos of vacancies
  • Contract and supervise cleaning, painting, maintenance, repairs
  • Advertise on MLS, Craig’s List and on our Web site and post signs for vacancies
  • Schedule and conduct showings
  • Provide information on amenities, schools, utilities, etc. to prospective tenants
  • Select great tenants for your property
  • Execute rental/lease agreements that clearly state both tenant and landlord obligations
  • Coordinate transfer of utilities and accounts
  • Respond immediately to tenant calls with prompt, friendly service
  • Establish and maintain positive relations with tenants
  • Resolve tenant disputes fairly and effectively
  • Monitor property regularly to ensure proper maintenance and care
  • Collect rents in a timely manner
  • Disburse proceeds
  • Determine rental rates and appropriate increases, with your approval, to ensure the maximum return on your investment
  • Administer Client Trust Accounts
  • Meet and exceed all legal requirements and expectations of the Oregon Landlord/Tenant Act